How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

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It’s mid-October, and the weather is starting to turn cold here in Great Barrington, MA. We’re dreaming of sunny days and sandy beaches while appreciating the beauty of multi-hued leaves. Though we can’t spend our days lounging on a beach, you can!

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From intimate family dinner parties to large corporate holiday parties, we love the merriment and we like our makeup to reflect our festive mood.

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Show Us How You Party

We want to see your holiday eye makeup looks. Show us how you use Let’s Party or one of our other Eye Shadow Kits to create subtle, bold, or shimmery eye makeup looks and we may feature you on our Instagram page. Make sure to tag your posts using @janeiredale and #GoodBeautyStories so we see them!

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Though we wouldn’t recommend this as an everyday look, the blue-hued holiday eye makeup look would be beautiful if paired with a simple monochromatic outfit. So, pull out your favorite charcoal silk, slip dress and grab Let’s Party because this look is a show stopper!


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